Lenzera Co.

From concept, to branding, multiple rounds of UX brainstorming, through to UI implementation and design, Lenzera and I have worked through it all. Starting back in 2016 designing their brand identity, soon took off as we began to work through wireframes, concepts, layouts, and before you know it—a functional product.

Lenzera is a direct online booking platform for photographers and videographers, where the system caters each project to your exact needs. No more bidding, back-and-forth about rates, or guessing. Lenzera takes all of the work of being a full-time producer, and sums it up into one easy to use platform. Take a look at the early stages of lenzera.co, as we continue to develop ways to make the system even more functional and user-friendly every day.



project overview:

UX/UI Design, Pitch Deck, Branding, Strategy, Voice

brand guidelines: