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brand positioning, Logo design, brand guidelines, business card and stationary design 

A solid brand foundation is the core of any well designed business. From how you tell your story to how you visually present yourself, is all how your customers perceive you. Branding is also more than just a logo. It takes the perfect balance of a well-thought-out color palette, pairing typefaces, selected photography and a custom illustration style to make the package complete.

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Pitch decks, ebooks, white papers, internal company docs, printed books, brochures, copy editing

Long form stories are best told when they are easy for the reader to digest. Instead of packaging up a long list of employee to-dos, adding a professional design touch will make sure that it gets read. From ebooks, to printed materials, to white paper docs, I work directly with everyone from copywriters to printers to help you produce the very best version of your content to share. 

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Social media, print ads, digital ads, trade show materials, store displays

Advertising is more than just repeating your logo on a page, it’s about carefully crafting your message for the right audience to see. From trade show materials, to traditional print ads, to a well thought out social plan, how you advertise your brand needs to have a creative strategy and professionally executed design behind it.

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wireframing, strategy, prototyping, development resources, headline writing, UX certified, Sketch or photoshop compatible, custom icons and illustration

Now that you have the brand identity established with a solid tone of voice, your website is where it all comes together. From wireframing and prototyping, to creating custom art for your page — I custom design, then partner with some of the hardest working development teams I know, to bring your brand to life. Looking for a more DIY option? We can also work together to create a plug-and-play website that you can manage on your own after the design touches are done.

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about liz:

I am an independent branding designer, helping craft the stories of small businesses, entrepreneurs and everyone with a drive to make it. Moving from the world of advertising with big brands to designing in small firms, I’ve had exposure to working with clients ranging from Diageo to UBS Investment Bank — with great teams of people supporting me along the way. By late 2017, I decided to shift my focus to working independently with some of the most hard working start-ups I’ve known to date, fostering a 1-1 relationship to help these small businesses grow through design.

Moving from NYC to Philadelphia in 2018, I’ve lived everywhere from California to South America before deciding to settle in the City of Brotherly Love. In my downtime, you can find me doodling or attending some local design events around the city. I also love to travel and try to document every bit I take in along the way.

Not Sure what you need? Schedule a Discovery Call to get some clarity

During your 1.5 hour intro Discovery Call, we will go through a what a typical ‘branding kick-off’ conversation is like, and talk about what you need to make your brand succeed. At the end, you will have clarity around your brand’s goals, and what you can do to bring your vision to life. 

$150/1.5 hour session


I work with a number of small teams directly or as a supporting arm to a larger creative staff in short-term need. contact me today about getting a quote on a project or adding me as a creative resource: